Black Gold ! Have some knowledge on it !

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Black Gold ! Have some knowledge on it !

On hearing “black Gold” you might be reminded of films or bands  bearing the same title , say the 1936 movie starring Frankie Darro, the music band of New York or even the video game of strategy genre released in 1989!

You may also think of commodities such as coal or petroleum that are of high value!

Ok, very recently there was news that scientists from Mumbai-based Tata Institute of Fundamental Research tinkered with the yellow metal,  and using its nanoparticles developed a new material that they named as black gold .

This black gold, unlike the parent gold, absorbs light and carbondioxide. So if we were to have an artificial tree with leaves of black gold , it should be able to perform photosynthesis!

The original colour of gold is yellow. But, with new technologies and methods arising, we have gold jewels coloured pink, blue, green and white!

But what is to be highlighted here is the jewels made of BLACK GOLD!

There are a few black jewelry available in market that are made of any one of these materials: black tungsten, black ceramic, black titanium and black carbon fibre.

There really is such a thing called BLACK GOLD in jewelry Industry and it is gaining popularity! Black Gold is the most valuable among other black jewelry because of its gold content.

Without going into the technical details, we shall look into how black gold is created!

Gold mixed with cobalt in the ratio 3: 1 gives an alloy that has a black coating on its surface !

Electroplating gold with rhodium gives a shiny polished surface of black!

The most durable version of black gold is the latest method involving femto-second laser.It manipulates the surface of gold with a high focused energy giving it a pitch black hue!

The value of black gold depends on the percentage of gold it contains. The other metals used in its creation do not add or detract the original worth of gold .

Sporting a black pendant or a ring made of black gold is a style statement by itself ! Blackgold can be paired with any gemstone such as sapphire, amethyst or ruby. Blackgold infact accentuates the beauty of any gemstone!

But finding physical shops that sell black gold jewels is difficult. You may get some unique pieces on Amazon!

Taking care of Black Gold jewelry is quite a challenge!

If you want to clean it use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. Over time, the plating wears off revealing the gold beneath. This is known as ” Bleeding”.

Depending on the wear and tear the jewel is exposed to, you may have to replate it every six months which by itself is a costly exercise with you spending nearly Rs.4000 each time!

Instead, if you have one bleeding blackgold jewel come to Aaradyaa Gold, sell it and get instant cash .

Use the amount you have in hand to place an order online to buy a new blackgold jewel !

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