Gold-filled Vs Gold-plated, Solid-gold Vs Hollow-gold: Know the Difference!

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Gold-filled Vs Gold-plated, Solid-gold Vs Hollow-gold: Know the Difference!

It is quite confusing when we talk of gold jewelry. People say gold-filled jewelry, gold –plated jewelry solid- gold jewelry and hollow- gold jewelry! The difference in value between them is quite staggering!

The confusion arises because the word gold can be used to describe both the colour of a jewel and its material.

As a smarter gold investor, you should know the difference. Read on to know more about them.

Gold-filled items:

A thin layer of gold is heat bonded to an item made of alloys such as brass or of other metals such as copper or silver. Typically, a gold-filled item contains at least 5% of gold of its total weight.

Even if gold filled items have less valuable metals inside them, they can still be of value to you.

A lot of items are made this way .It includes pins, cufflinks, and rings among others.

Gold-plated items:

It contains extremely small amount of gold. This is applied on other metals through processes known as plasma plating, tank plating and brush plating. They are made in such a way that they shine as real gold!

Cheaper gold-plated items have thin coating and wear off very fast.

They do not have on them any quality mark!

Solid- Gold:

It is the real deal. Solid gold is the best metal for wearability.

It is the best investment too. Even if it is damaged or broken, you can get the money back for just the value of gold itself.

Unlike non-precious metal jewelry, solid gold jewelries serve for long durations.

You can sell them anytime at the current market rate and make money!

Hollow- gold:

It is still gold, but has hollow space inside the jewelry. It is used to make jewelry lighter and cheaper.

Usually bangles are hollow! It works great for the design. It’s not heavy on your hand!

You can spot hollow gold by its weight!

Solid -gold is the best deal! Hollow –gold too has resale value! Gold filled items can be sold for the gold contained in it. It is the gold plated items that have no re-sell value!

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