How much Gold does an Olympic Gold Medal contain?

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How much Gold does an Olympic Gold Medal contain?

Winning a gold medal at Olympics is any Nation’s pride. India’s Abhinav Bindra won gold medal for the individual event-Shooting in 2008 Olympics held at Beijing. In the team event Field hockey, Men’s Competition, India has won gold 7 times.

 Winning a gold medal has always been the goal of many athletes. It is to be understood that the much coveted Olympics gold medal is more symbolic of the strength and endurance of the winners than being valuable worth its gold.

 Ever since it became a part of the Olympics in 1896, the Olympic gold medal has actually been comprised of more silver than gold. It contains only a 6 gram plating of gold over the sterling silver base.  So, the gold medal’s actual value is roughly ₹ 25,000. This indeed is far less than what its value would be if it is made of pure gold.

Here are the two reasons why the Olympics Gold medal is not made completely of pure gold.

One reason is that the Olympic Committee does not want anyone to cheapen their experience of the Olympics by selling their medals.

The second reason is perhaps stated best by the Oath that every Olympic participant joins in reciting. “The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” When Pierre de Coubertin, penned those words, he was making a clear statement that the value of the medal lies in the experience that an Olympic champion will cherish for a lifetime. It , however, has nothing to do with the monetary value of the metal it contains.

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