Investment in Gold is the best Insurance Policy!

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Investment in Gold is the best Insurance Policy!

It is a matter of convenience when we get cash from an ATM machine. It can be done anytime and anywhere. We don’t have to line up in the bank and get money direct from the teller.

Many of us now have apps on our phones that facilitate us to check our balances, transfer funds and even make payments.

That’s all good.

But in a world where money is managed less and less by people and more and more by software, there are some pretty big risks involved.

One risk is the simple failure of the hardware and software that tracks and manages our money within the banking system.

It is quite unbelievable that many of the computers used by banks have become old and clunky. Not just that, even the software that runs them is sometimes not designed appropriately. Instead of updating from the ground up, most banks keep up with the time simply by adding patches to their old, legacy systems. That is a sure recipe for disaster to befall on banks anytime.

Many reputed banks such as HSBC, Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ Bank, and others have all experienced what they euphemistically call “outages” as a result.

It could be just a matter of time before one of these outages cascades into something like the loss of all the money in their customer’s accounts.

When your money is all digital, it takes but just one glitch to wipe out all your savings.

Perhaps more worrying still is the rise of cyberattacks on banks, where hackers get into these old, clunky and vulnerable systems and simply withdraw the money from your accounts.

It is a known fact that in 2015 a gang of cybercriminals hacked more than 100 banks across 30 different countries and made off with up to one billion dollars.

While banks are struggling with their computer and software systems, hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated and brazen.

 Cyberattacks and software failures at your bank are two main reasons to keep some of your wealth in gold.

Gold is a physical asset. It is as good as cash. You can sell gold to a dealer in any country in the world. It guarantees money in real time.

You buy and own gold for the same reasons you buy an insurance policy.

Unlike a traditional insurance policy, you’ll never have to haggle with anyone to get your money. You won’t have to read the instructions, or listen to some insurance agent telling you why they won’t pay you what they owe.

When you own gold, it’s right there in your hands. You can feel its weight and see how it shines.

You don’t have to worry about the future.

You know that when your financial situation is down, you can rely on it!

Aaradyaa Gold is the best place to sell your gold in times of emergency.

Aaradyaa buys your gold at market rate, and gives you instant cash in hand!  

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