Items That Contain Scrap Gold

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Items That Contain Scrap Gold

Did you know your cell phone contains about fifty rupees worth of scrap gold? Traces of gold found in some jewellery, electronics and dental work is scrap gold. You can sell them to scrap gold buyers who will make an offer based on the weight and carat quality of the gold. Chances are, you have some items around the house that may contain scrap gold.

Dental Items

Old unused dental caps, crowns, fillings and bridges contain a small amount of gold, usually in 16-carat quality. The gold is mixed with other metals like silver, zinc and copper to make it hard enough to bite with. However, gold is seldom used in dental work nowadays, so people may have old dental work laying around. A gold crown can contain 2 grams of this decent quality gold.

Household Electronics

According to a report, the gold found in 200 cell phones is large enough to make a gold ring. The main use of gold in electronic items is as the contact plating for switches, relays and circuit boards. This means that small amount of gold is found in cell phones, calculators, GPS devices and computers, among other electronics. However, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of this type of gold. It must be gathered in bulk to represent any great worth.

Broken Jewellery and Watches

Jewellery is the primary source of scrap gold. However, you will receive less than the value of the item, since you are not paid for the craftsmanship or beauty of the piece. This may be an attractive deal to you if you need to get money quickly. It is important, though, to know the rough estimate of your pieces.

If you don’t know the carat value, it can be determined with a gold test kit. To determine the grams of pure gold, first multiply the weight in grams of your piece by its carat value. Divide this number by 24. This is the number of grams of pure gold in the piece. Multiply this number by the price per gram number. This is the rough value of your gold jewellery.

Gold Coins

Only old coins contain gold and, may be worth plenty simply as collectible coins. However, if they’re badly damaged or unidentifiable, they can still be worth a lot as scrap gold. Many gold coins are made from 22-carat gold and can be highly valuable as scrap gold.

Aaradyaa Gold

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