Pledging Gold For Money Is No Way Out; Save Yourself Releasing Your Pledged Gold At Aaradyaa Gold

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Pledging Gold For Money Is No Way Out; Save Yourself Releasing Your Pledged Gold At Aaradyaa Gold

Don’t we all face situations looking for instant cash? It could be some medical emergency or some unforeseen expense for which we need cash in hand.

Many may suggest pledging gold and meeting out the expenditure, but think….

At such times, it is the money that becomes our priority. Market price of gold makes little sense to us. The money in hand is more gratifying than anything else! 

Now, is pawning gold a real viable solution?

No, for more than one reason, it is a burden we bring upon ourselves. Firstly, high interest rate swallows our fortune. Secondly, most pawnbrokers lend only 50% of the value of gold pledged.

Have you now understood the grave mistake committed if you have you pledged your gold?

Let bygones be bygones! Come to Aaradyaa Gold, the best place to sell gold in Chennai.

Whether your gold is with pawnbrokers, financiers or bankers, Aaradyaa Gold helps you release your pledged gold.

You cannot think of any one doing you a greater help! Aaradya Gold is the right place, and here are the reasons why:

Evaluation of your Gold by Experienced Staff: The staff make every effort to let you know with as much accuracy the fair value of your gold.

Use of State -of-the Art Assessing Equipments:  The cutting edge technology of the equipments used to assesses your gold, appraises the impurities without harming the gold.

Swift Evaluation: At Aaradyaa Gold providing personal service is their vision. They understand your circumstances and make you feel good of the situation.

Payment of Balance Amount:  They buy the released pledged gold. After deducting the amount used for releasing the pledged gold, they pay you the balance!

Whatelse you need? To save yourself from the mounting financial pressure, Aaradyaa Gold is the place you should go!

Why wait? It’s time you released your pledged gold!

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