Selling your gold for cash

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Selling your gold for cash

You might have seen commercials showing smiling people waving off cheque or cash that they have made selling their gold.

It’s a great thing to have cash in hand in exchange for your old gold jewelry. But, imagine having received an amount that is far less than the value you should have got!

If you are still holding on to the gold items you want to sell, here’s a guide that can help you earn more money for your gold.

First of all, make sure that your jewelry isn’t valuable.  You don’t have to worry if the gold you are selling is just tooth fillings that have fallen out or broken rings.

Nonetheless, some old gold jewelry could be an antique whose value will be more than the melt value of gold.

Get an appraisal, and after making sure that your item of gold is worth no more than its melt value, follow a three-step process to sell your gold.

Find a comparison –reviews of gold buyers: There is quite a list of buyers who claim high returns for your gold.

All the same, you will get to understand that Aaradyaa Gold is the best place to sell your gold.

It’s because their vision and mission is to serve to the utmost satisfaction of their customers without whom, they believe, they have no business!

Compare prices from multiple vendors: It’s terrible when you realize that heavily-advertised gold buyers pay 60-70% value for your gold.

At Aaradyaa Gold, you will be paid the current market price and this will give you immense satisfaction at having made the best bargain!

Weight, Karat and Spot price matter when you sell gold: While the two variables never change, the gold price fluctuates.

However, it is to be noted that certain gold buyers may use certain means as to project the weight differently, by way of removing gold as impurities.

At Aaradyaa Gold, the state –of –the art equipment used doesn’t harm your gold and you get the real value for your gold at the market price.

So, if you have an idea of selling off some unwanted gold and making an instant cash, 

Aaradyaa Gold is the place to go!

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