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Tips to buy gold bars

People own physical gold in the form of jewellery, gold coins, and even gold bars. Nowadays,  you  can purchase gold not only from your neighbourhood jeweller, but also from e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart.

Gold  bars can come at a lesser cost when compared to gold coins ! However, there are a few things to consider before you buy gold bars.

1. Purity: Ensure what you get is what you want.  Make certain that the gold you are buying is pure. If you are purchasing for investment purpose, buy 24K that has no impurities or else opt for 22K . The price of 24K is the highest when compared to other lower karats of gold!

2. Refinery –  It helps  if you  know the refinery from where the gold bar has been refined.  This is because  gold bars which have been refined at popular refineries ensure highest level  of purity. In India, two such refineries are the  Bangalore Refinery and MMTC-PAMP3.

3.  Tolerance level: It is recommended that you know weight and purity tolerance level while purchasing. Gold bars may have a +/- tolerance levels . However, there are some bars  with NIL negative weight tolerance and NIL negative purity tolerance. This knowledge ensures that you receive the  right value for the amount paid.

4. Fineness : It is another way of expressing the precious metal content in jewellery or bar . It  represents the purity in parts per thousand.  Gold  refined to a fineness level of 999.9 parts per thousand  is stated as 999.9

5. Denomination: Invest in lower denomination to maintain liquidity when you need it.  The denomination of gold bars can be as low as 5g. It is also available in 10g, 50g, 100g  and even up to 1 kg. The price of higher denomination is  less as it commands lesser premium.

6. Certification:  Hallmark certification  is the benchmark to follow while buying gold online . Ensure that the gold you buy is from a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Hallmarked jeweller.

7. Packaging:   Do not take out the packaging of gold bar  when you buy it online. Keeping the packaging intact helps to  maintain  the purity of the gold bar.

8.  Return policy:  These days many big gold chains have their online stores and they offer both returns and exchange.  The exchange policy of gold has strict terms and conditions   when   compared to other items sold online.  Carefull,go through these  terms and conditions before making your purchase decision.


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