Types of Gold to Sell for Instant Cash

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Types of Gold to Sell for Instant Cash

Specialists spout statistics. Market analysts make predictions. But you are not just seeing the money! Our economy is not in the best shape! Face it!

You probably have old jewelry sitting in your dresser, jewelry box or safe collecting dust for so long that you don’t even notice them anymore!  It may serve you better if you trade it for cold, hard cash!

Here is a chance to turn your gold into cash! Gold is now at an all-time high. 24K gold is valued at Rs. 3884 per gram.

Aaradyaa Gold can help you take advantage of that by buying your gold. It is an effortless process not consuming much time. The team at Aaradyaa Gold has revolutionized the market by their commitment to honesty and integrity.

Now, what would you do with a little or more cash in your Wallet?

Take a trip? Pay your bill or Treat yourself to a new outfit or two?

Before you begin rounding up those long-neglected gold jewelry to sell, learn what types of gold you can sell.

Gold jewelry such as rings, ear studs, brooches and bracelets are the ones that come to mind when considering gold to sell.

It is important that you understand that places that buy gold are interested not just in jewelry, but also in scrap gold and dental gold used in crowns, bridgework and fillings.

Moreover, gold buyers are interested in precious gold that has purity of at least 10K up to 24K. Most places that buy gold do not buy gold-plated items but buy gold filled items.

The following three factors determine how much worth is your gold to the buyer.

Purity in Karats: Know the difference! Carat is a unit of weight for gemstones! Karat is a measure of purity of gold!

Gold is a soft metal. It is often blended with other metals to make it harder or to lend colour variations for different looks. Higher the Karat, more is the gold contained in the item. Purest gold is 24K, 99% pure!

Most gold jewelry have K stamp on it to mark the purity. However, gold buyers use X-ray fluorescence scan or electronic tester to verify the purity.

Weight of Gold: For a 24K gold jewelry, the weight of the item is the weight of gold. 

18K contains 75% of gold and a 12K contains 50% of gold!

Thus, 100g of 18K gold jewelry has 75g of gold!

Gold buyers pay a certain amount per gram of gold!

Market Price of Gold:  Market price of gold can change by the second.

Gold buyers often use a daily average price when considering how much to pay for your gold.

Aaradyaa Gold has the best market price to offer!

If you know an approximate of how much your gold is worth, you will have an idea of what price range Aaradyaa Gold should be offering you!

Why wait? Get instant cash  for gold at Aaradyaa Gold and have a bash!

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