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Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP is a well-established Gold Buying Company in Chennai that specializes in the purchase of all sorts of worn or pre-owned gold jewelry, gold bars, gold coins, and offers prompt cash against old gold jewelry through cash payment, cheque or NEFT/RTGS transfer as per customer’s preference. Currently we serve the populace of Chennai across 10 branches. Having carved a niche for itself at Chennai, Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP will endeavor to enhance its enterprise and is desirous of opening 300 new branches across India. In the initial phase, we are focused on opening around 100 branches in the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala.

Most of us make a choice of selling gold to avail cash right away rather than pawning it in the banks and paying burdensome interest rates. Maximally, NBFCs & pawnbrokers charge 16% to 36% for the given gold loan by keeping gold as collateral. Sometimes pawnbrokers may take advantage by offering the consumers disproportionate value for their gold.

Aaradyaa’s theme is to provide its customers with the best resources and the maximum cash they deserve for the gold they trade. Customers who visit us experience a host of advantages. We have a team of accomplished staff who are adept in employing the latest trends in testing the gold you would want to trade. We always strive to render the best solutions such that the customer’s needs are met by providing the maximum cash right away for the old gold jewelry, coins, or gold bars.

Are you looking for an undemanding experience in selling your gold – you are already at the right destination. Prepare yourselves to visit us with your old gold jewelry and we will assist you to obtain the maximal cash for your gold.

Want to hassle-free sell your Gold or looking for the reputed Gold buying company?

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Our Motto

To provide its customers with the Best Solutions and the highest cash amount. While visiting us, a customer would experience lots of benefits.

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Spot On Cash

We always strive to render the best solution such that to embrace the customer’s needs and maximum spot on cash for the Old Gold Jewelry or coins or Gold bars.

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Our Team

We have a team of proficient persons who are expertise in employing latest technologies for testing of the Gold.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our highest priority is our customer satisfaction and we try our best to serve you. Over the journey, we have backed happy customers which is the witness for our quality service.

We understand the urgency of getting immediate payment for your gold !!!

Most of us make a choice of selling gold to avail cash right away rather than pawning it in the banks and paying burdensome interest rates..

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