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When you need large instant cash to balance your financial risks, it is general exercise that we pledge gold ornaments in the banks, pawnbrokers or financiers and we get reasonable cash for the gold mortgage. Similarly, when we need to arrange funds for setting up a new enterprise, arranging fund for urgent medical bills, we invariably choose the gold loan option because it is the fastest way to get loans with less documentation. It is certainly a great idea, but a lot many people who pledge their gold fail to release it consequent to high interest rates accrued overtime.

Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP helps customers release their pledged gold jewelry from the bankers, pawnbrokers and financiers. We will give the maximum cash for your pledged gold loan. We buy back the release pledged gold jewelry by determining the gold value and pay you the balance amount subsequent to deducting the amount paid to you for releasing your pawned gold.

We are truly determined that customers should feel confident when coming for the evaluation process of their gold by our experienced staff. We boast of a strong network to delegate our services. The state-of-the art assessing equipments, swift evaluation and payment process has made Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP the choice of many and we continue to enjoy the unrivaled reputation as the best gold buying company in Chennai.




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To balance our higher expenses, we need instant cash to satisfy the financial needs.

We understand the urgency of getting immediate payment for your gold !!!

Most of us make a choice of selling gold to avail cash right away rather than pawning it in the banks and paying burdensome interest rates..

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