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Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP has been applauded as the reputed gold buyer in Chennai. It boasts of a team of staff who are adept at buying gold, selling gold and assisting in releasing the pledged gold thereby ensuring the customers enjoy an effortless and premium service. We are extremely distinguished in buying gold and paying instant cash for the old gold at reasonable cost in line with the market price. The procedure of selling your gold becomes simple and expeditious with us, where we accept any kind of flawed, second-hand, used or old unused jewelry. We also accept old gold jewelry even in bulk. We have an edge over our competitors as we have reached a milestone and are recognized as the premium gold buyers in Chennai. We are desirous of expanding our enterprise with more branches to serve our customers more efficiently with our wide gamut of gold buying services.

Should you have any sort of old or unused gold that you want it sold for the finest rates and do not know exactly how to go about selling it, we have a dedicated team highly skilled in testing the impurities by employing the cutting edge technologies. Furthermore, we appraise gold impurity without causing any harm to it. As we continue our journey in providing reliable and competent services in the avenue of gold buying, we are highly confident that Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP will be the most sought after gold buying company in Chennai.

Our highest priority is our customer satisfaction and we try our best to serve you.

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  • gold sales
  • gold sales

We understand the urgency of getting immediate payment for your gold !!!

Most of us make a choice of selling gold to avail cash right away rather than pawning it in the banks and paying burdensome interest rates..

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