When you are on the lookout for an authentic gold buyer, you sure will prudently choose the best gold buying company that employs adept staff to test and evaluate your gold jewelry. When it comes to knowledge and expertise, Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP is the elite choice of many in Chennai. Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP has made its fine imprints on the gold buying lineage and the integrity you expect from the gold buyers is entrenched in the smooth services they offer the customers. The process of evaluation is carried out employing the state-of-the-art equipments in a secure and affable ambience.

Aradyaa’s watchword is to provide its customers with the best solutions and the maximum cash for the gold. While visiting us, customers enjoy a host of privileges. Our dedicated team of professionals is highly competent and employs cutting edge technologies for testing gold. We always strive to render the best solution to our customers so as they get their needs met instantaneously and maximum cash on the spot is delivered for the old gold and silver jewelry, coins, and gold bars.

Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP provides end-to-end service in the sphere of gold buying in Chennai and is all poised to extend their services throughout India. It really does not matter if it is only a single piece of gold, a large volume of gold, or a broken or mismatched piece, we would be pleased to provide you with a free valuation on finding the number of impurities and render cash on the spot as per the day’s gold price.

we always pay the best possible price for scrap gold every day.

Key Benefits

You get when you have chosen Aaradyaa Gold


We provide a flexible and well-experienced staff to clarify your doubts and give the right estimation for the Gold. We are updated daily as per the market rates.

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We use modernistic and latest techniques to value your gold. Based on the estimation, we pay you the precise precious gold content & weight of your jewelry.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our main priority at Aaradyaa is to provide trustworthy and reliable customer service, as well as some of the highest cash for the gold as per today’s gold rate.

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Customer Contentment

Our primary precedence at Aaradyaa Gold Trade LLP is to deliver reliable and authentic customer service, as well as pay the best price for the gold we buy on a given day.

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When you are looking for a gold buyer, you will wisely choose the best Gold buying company that comprises adept staff to test and evaluate your gold jewelry. When it comes to experience and expertise, which is the best gold buying company in Chennai.

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We are the smart choice for you to sell your precious gold jewelry

We value your business and have made an excellent reputation by paying the most for your gold.

We will make every effort to let you know with as much accuracy as possible a fair value for your gold jewelry, gold bars and gold coins.

We go beyond your expectations by offering you more than the others in the gold buying market.

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